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How It Works

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How Does Credit Repair Work?

You have the right to dispute any item on your credit report that appears to be inaccurate, outdated, erroneous or unverifiable.. that's the law. All Creditors are obligated to prove the information on your credit report is accurate and correct any and all violations of the law. 

If a creditor is unable to perform under the strict guidelines of the law, they must remove the account from your credit report. 


All Credit Reports Contain Violations, Including Yours

The United States government began writing laws to protect you from creditors and the credit bureaus beginning in the 1960's. Today there are dozens of state and federal laws creditors and credit bureaus having a difficult time following. 

An account such as a collection, charge off, tax lien, short sale, foreclosure, auto repossession, even a bankruptcy can contain dozens of violations making it inaccurate, outdated, erroneous, or unverifiable. In other words, illegal.

We use these laws to legally and permanently remove items from your credit report. 


What if the items on your credit report are Really yours?

Even derogatory events that belong to you must meet strict legal guidelines. Just because something is added to your credit report, doesn't mean it complies with the law. If the creditor can't verify the account and correct the errors it's on your account illegally. 

Illegal Items Must Be Deleted! 

When our team reviews your credit report we'll identify the violations and create a detailed written dispute on your behalf. 

To make it challenging for the creditor we'll provide them with the specific state or federal law they're violating, why they must remove the item, and the legal consequences established by case law if they don't respond immediately. 

High Success Rate

  • A 52% to 71% average deletion and repair rate which can be twice as high as our competitors.
  • Most clients are finished within 90 to 180 days.

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