Sources of Aid You Don't Have to Repay

Let's look into the different options you may have available to pay for your education which you don't have to repay.

Grants and Scholarships

You don't have to repay scholarships and most grants, but in most cases, you have to apply for them. Talk to your financial aid office about other institutional and state scholarships and grants you may be eligible for. Also, consider outside sources of aid you may be eligible for based on your memberships in civic organizations, employment, or military service. Learn more about grants and scholarships.

Federal Work-Study

The financial aid offer from your school may indicate eligibility for Federal Work-Study. Discuss options with your school's financial aid office.

Part-Time Jobs

Explore job opportunities on- and off-campus that allow you to earn income while balancing your schoolwork. A part-time job can help you pay for indirect costs associated with your school's cost of attendance.

Savings and 529 Plans

If available, you can use savings, prepaid tuition plans, and 529 plans to pay for school.

Tuition Payment Plans

Your school may have options for paying your remaining balance in installments. Contact your financial aid office for details.